TwoAlity – Product Review

  Have you ever been stuck digging around for your phone in your purse, handbag, tote, or what ever you carry?  I have and it’s never a pleasant experience trying to find it.  My kids get irritated and people around me get irritated because the phone keeps ringing and ringing!  Sometimes when I need to run into the store to pick...

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PEEPS MINI’s – Teaser!

  PEEPS®, yes, you know, the marshmallow goodies you typically see only during Easter time?  Well, now they can be found all year round!  You heard that right, all year round!   PEEPS® MINIS™ are now available in delicious flavors of Strawberry Crème, Chocolate Crème and Sour Watermelon, in 24-count re-closeable...

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MOSO Air Purifying Bag {Review}

Have you ever opened your refrigerator only to get a nasty whiff of that onion or garlic you chopped up?  How about getting a second dose of last nights dinner?  I know having 3 kids that odors come from all areas…even your fridge.  Normally we put a nice box of baking soda to eliminate the odors, but what if that just isn’t enough...

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Replenish – A Product Review

I am obsessed with cleaning products!  But let me say first before you think I am a super clean freak and obsessed with the process of “cleaning”, I am not.  In fact, I hate dusting and cleaning!  I guess it’s just because I am always so busy that cleaning takes a back seat.  I do however, clean all bathrooms and the...

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{Product Review} Q-Knot reusable ties

Q-Knots are re usable multipurpose ties used for just about anything in your home or office. From loose wires, to chip bags, and everything in between, Q-Knots are a great way to help you stay organized. UTWire, creator or Q-Knots, was created with the purpose of hassle free do it yourself organization and designed for everyday...

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D-Wings by UT Wire

What a cleaver little product! Just a few pieces of uniquely designed plastic can save your life… well the life of your electronics at least. If you have small children or PETS D-Wings are a must. Even if you just have a mess of cluttered cords behind your desk, D-Wings can straighten up that unsightly mess. D-wings are the newest product by UT...

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