Netflix Stream Team Lessons Learned

Lessons My Kids Learned From Watching Netflix

My kids are always saying and doing things that make me question where they’ve learned it or how they come up with these things.  I am reminded that we have Netflix and nine times out of ten, they will have learned it from watching their favorite shows or different movies.  My oldest is now 18 (yes, that makes...

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Hide Out With Netflix - OITNB

Hide Out With Netflix!

Do you ever hide out with Netflix?  Do you ever feel like you never have time for yourself just to kick back and relax while watching Netflix with your favorite drink in hand?  I’m feeling ya!   Hide Out With Netflix There are certain shows that I have to make sure I am alone while watching (because it...

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Real life issues? No worries, there’s Netflix!

Whether you have a little kiddo, tween or teen, you will always have real life issues to contend with.  Some of the issues you just can’t come right out and talk about so what do you do?  You can always Google things.  You can also try to find a book or something relatable so that you can ease your way into that...

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