Netflix StreamTeam Beat Bugs

All You Need is Love and Beat Bugs!

Are you a Beatles fan?  How about a cute cartoon fan?  Ok, how about a Netflix fan?  If you said yes to any of those, you are going to LOVE the new Netflix Original animated series, Beat Bugs.  We are a music loving family so this series really captured our hearts as well as our ears.    The...

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Back to School Supplies - Must Have List 2016

School Supplies: Our 2016 Must-Have List

This year was a little different since I only had to shop with two kids instead of three.  The third is going to a local junior college so we didn’t have to do much shopping for her, plus her boyfriend won some school supplies and he gave them to her….score!  My son is a Freshman now so they don’t usually give them a...

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Quick and Easy Taco Bake the whole family will enjoy!

Quick & Easy Taco Bake

We usually have one “taco-ish” dish every week, just like we have one pasta dish every week.  It’s how I roll.  One day I was looking for something different to make and I stumbled upon a taco pie.  I believe it was directly from the roll or croissants where they said to use the dough as the pie crust.  I more...

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Basic Invite for all your Invitational Needs

There are certain times when professional invitations and thank you notes are most appropriate (in my opinion) and those would be personalized wedding and birth announcements, holiday and thank you cards and any other major life event.   I get it that sometimes you either can’t afford fancy invites or thank you notes, other times...

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