Verified Mom is Changing Gears


    Changing gears is what I seem to do best. I just can’t seem to get my shit together. I guess it’s because life is ever-evolving. Once I think I have one thing figured out, something else takes its place and the story repeats itself, over and over. That leaves me questioning every decision I have made. What does that mean for my blog? Welp, that too is evolving.

    I’m at a different stage of life right now. When I started my blog, my kiddos were small. Now, my oldest just turned 23, my middle one is going to be 20 soon and my youngest will be 17. I no longer have my little muses to help guide my blog and writing. Now I cannot share random stories of them because they have their own lives to manage and the last thing they want the world to know is more mom-told stories! It’s a much more delicate situation. Before I post and share anything with my kids, I need to make sure I have their permission.

    So, I won’t be writing about kid stuff anymore unless it’s something that is really important for me to share. I am also not the fashion/beauty type so I am sure you won’t be seeing many posts relating to those topics. Another area that won’t be prominent is home decor. I have realized that I am quite simple and don’t really have any major interests in those areas either. I enjoy them from time to time but to make it something I want to talk about on the daily, probably not.

    What I’m into now…

    What my life is currently consisting of now are mind, body, and spirit. I am learning what makes me tick. What really makes me the happiest. I am at a point now where I need to learn about this “self-care” thing that people speak of. I have no idea how to do it, where to start, how it all works… I’ve never put myself first, ever! It is going to be a new experience for me for sure. So that’s what I’ll be writing and sharing most of.

    I will also share some weight loss tips and tricks (once I get them…because I have to start my weight loss journey first!). With losing weight comes eating differently so I’ll probably be sharing some recipes too. Oh, and exercise! I’ll need to do that too. I will most likely be sharing some reviews. For instance, during Amazon Prime days I made some purchases that I can’t wait to share with you! So far, I love everything I purchased!

    You see, there are some changes that will be made but it’s for the betterment of me. It’s about time I start putting myself first after putting me last for gosh, almost 25 years. I’m excited about this new self-love journey and welcome you to join me as I tackle this next phase of life.

    Coming up next…

    First review…my waist trainer! LOL