Giving the Gift of Yiftee {Review}

It’s true, you can deny it if you want, but you know, as well as I do, that when kids get older, the best thing to give them for birthday and other holidays is gift cards. Gift cards are in my opinion, the best invention ever! Yes, some may argue that they are not personal, that its real easy to just stop and pick one up anywhere and no thought is really given to who it’s going to…HOWEVER, they still serve their purpose! Now you CAN put some thought into the kids gifts with the help of Yiftee! Using Yiftee is pretty simple, but it does come with a T2T warning.

This is how it works: From your phone or computer, visit and choose to send a gift. You will then select your gift and recipient (via facebook, email or text), add your personalization and pay with your credit card. You will have to pay a minimal convenience fee.

Once you have selected your recipient, local merchant and total you wish to send, your recipient will be notified via email, facebook or text. It is a single use card, meaning, you will only be able to process that particular gift once. For instance, if you only find something that is $5.00 and you are given a $10.00 card, you lose the remaining balance. It is NOT carried over so you cannot make another purchase at a later date. That happened to me and now here’s the warning… most retailers that I have checked with have never seen or heard of Yiftee on the local level, so you do have to do a bit more explaining and you have to tell them exactly what to do when redeeming which could be a little bit of a hassle for some. You see, I went to Gloria Jeans and found some tea for my daughter and wanted to get a smoothie. The girl rang up the smoothie and didn’t see I had the tea. My card was for $10.00 and my smoothie was about $5.00. Since neither of us really knew how to work the card, she thought she could ring it up separately and I told her it was a single use card…so basically, I wasn’t able to get the tea that I originally went in there for. SO, let my lesson teach you…make sure you only have ONE transaction. If you have $10…find something for $10, if you have $20, find something for $20, and if you have $50…MAKE sure you find something that totals $50 or you lose out on the gift and it just doesn’t seem as fun.

Now, for a positive. Your recipient has four weeks to pick up the gift. {I downloaded the Yiftee app which is pretty neat….} The recipient can accept it, exchange it, or donate it to charity! After 28 days it expires and the money is returned to your personal Yiftee account and you can give another Yiftee gift {so it’s like you get a credit on your account}.

If you have a child {or know of one} that is in college, you can look to see if their college is listed and if so, they have selected local merchants so you don’t have to wonder if they have a certain retailer or restaurant in their area. It’s a really neat feature and one that I’d hope to use in a couple years when my daughter heads of to …tear… college.

All in all I think it is a great service, but it is something that I think needs a bit more explaining and it isn’t as cut and dry as your typical gift card, however, it is more personal and can be done completely using your phone from start to finish.

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