Winter Fashion Trends I Could Do Without.


Fashion and I are like water and oil. Sometimes we work well together and others we just don’t blend at all. I actually had to do some research on the current winter trends because a majority of my clothing comes from places like Old Navy, Kohls, TJ Maxx, Target and occasionally (yes, I’ll admit it), Walmart. My brain hurt after looking at some of what they call fashion trends.

Winter Fashion Trends I Could Do Without

Now hey, I’m not a fashion expert and never, ever claimed to be but with some of what I saw, I have to question who would really wear these items? I visited the Elle website and no, just no.

They suggested that these 6 fashion trends come from experts. The first look they shared was a tailored outfit. Their version of tailored and my version are completely night and day. Their look – looks like something that is 4 sizes too big. I’m all for a tailored look, but to me, it just looks oversized and sloppy.

High necks and puffy sleeves, no thanks. Let’s just leave that as it is, a fairytale detail. A statement coat? I could do with the plaid Nike puffer coat but that’s where I’d be drawing that line. And don’t even get me started on their Novelty Knits. Perhaps because I’m a bigger chested woman I just can’t see the item they choose as fashionable.

I don’t mind the tonal dressing. Monochromatic and I go hand in hand. It’s probably one of my favorite “winter trends” even though it’s what I call “my every day”. Lastly, the transitional dress. Now I’m not sure I’m liking this displayed look so I asked my daughter what she thought of it and she said it looked like a curtain. So it’s not just me that doesn’t get it.

My Winter Trends

I have my own preferred style so I am going to break it down based on their initial looks. I think these fashion ideas make much more sense. Not only that but they are so much more budget-friendly *and available on Amazon!* **PS Links are affiliate links** ***PSS All these are roughly under $100 each so they are much more affordable***

The tailored look

High neck blouse

The statement coat

Let’s just call it a sweater

Monochromatic outfit

Velvet dress

Again, I am not the most fashionable but I might actually want to buy a couple of those items I shared because they are cute, affordable and realistic fashion choices. I even have a great way to organize your kid’s winter accessories!

What do you think? Which winter trend is your favorite? Which one could you do without?