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    Organize Your Winter Accessories in Minutes

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    Organize your winter accessories quickly using something you probably already have in your home! 

    When you live in the midwest you never know when you will need a hat, scarf, mittens or gloves, especially in the winter time. I was tired of picking them up all over the closet floor so I thought about my situation and came up with a quick and inexpensive solution to my accessory madness! In the past, I have tried to use big containers on the closet floor for them to just toss in their stuff, but I found that it was harder to find matching…anything!

    quick and easy way to organize your winter accessories

    I tried to get individual containers, one for each kid, but that soon became a nightmare because the items never found their way to their properly colored spots. I tried baskets and boxes and everything in between. Until one day…the day I ran up to my room to get the *Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer from the back of my clothes closet door. I was so excited! I had to give this a try!  I emptied everything onto the floor, separated and matched items.  Then I hung up the shoe organizer on the inside of my hallway closet door and started adding the items.


    Once I finished everyone had a row of their own and the other items I put up near the top {things like my husbands face mask thing that he wears when he plows the driveway}.  It’s super easy now to just open the door, find what you need, and go.  Then when you get back home, you open the door, find a slot in your row and put it all away.  It is the best thing I think I have come up with in a long time.  


    How to Organize your hats, scarves and gloves!

    What do you think?  Pretty genius huh?  I don’t  know why I haven’t thought of using this before!  My life could have been so much easier a long time ago!  Did you organize anything using something you already had at home?


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    1. This is genius! I have all of our winter accessories in their own bag by person, but inevitably when I’m trying to get out with the baby I’m digging around for a pair of gloves or a hat I can’t find. This makes much more sense!

    2. I love organizing with tools made for something else. I have my craft supplies in a zippered door hanging makeup organizer. What’s great about the way you did it is everything will have a place and be easy to find again.

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