Updated: Simple DIY Umbrella Stand

I created a super quick and inexpensive simple DIY umbrella stand after our glass top patio table blew over.  The table left little shards of tempered glass all over my patio!  After that, I decided I did not want to get another glass table top.  We opted for an outdoor love seat, two chairs, and a coffee table.  However, we didn’t have anywhere to put our umbrella.  We have little to no shade in our backyard so having an umbrella was a necessity!  I love my set and I’ve had it for about 3 years now with no major issues! Hooray!  That’s when I thought of putting this little simple DIY Umbrella Stand project together.  After a few years, it was time for a quick update!  While I was taking the photo for this post-Karma the Pomeranian decided it was a good time to photobomb me.


Updated: Simple DIY Umbrella Stand


The flower pot was worn out from the elements and changes of seasons that it was cracked around the rim. I was at our local Menards and I found a brown flower pot about the same size as the original one and thought it would look nice with our outdoor family room set.  That was the easy part…purchasing the new pot.  I will say that transferring the old to the new was a lot harder than I thought but with my husbands help and a lot of digging, we successfully transplanted our simple DIY Umbrella Stand into its new home.

Updated Simple Umbrella Stand transplanted
We had to first dig out all the old dirt and put it into a different bucket.  Once it was all removed it required two of us to lift the concrete bucket out of the broken, run down flower pot and place it quickly into the new flower pot.  Then after it was secured in its new spot, we dumped the dirt all around the original bucket and planted new flowers.  It was a real struggle, to say the least, and I am glad I don’t have to do that year after year that’s for sure!

To see how we created this simple DIY Umbrella Stand visit this link for complete instructions.