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    I had a makeover and became a glamorous model!

    One day back in 1992 I was watching the Montel Williams show. They had announced that they were looking for people who needed a makeover. At 23, who would have thought that one would need a makeover? I had this crazy thought that I could use a glamorous makeover!

    Shortly after that announcement was made I grabbed my camcorder (that, for the younger crowd, took movies….on tape) and recorded a short video on why I felt I needed this makeover. Honestly, I don’t even remember what I sent in but I could only imagine!

    What I am about to show you is the picture that I sent in! Looking back, fashion and life do seem to go into a full-circle mode and I mean, check out those “leggings”. The photo quality isn’t the greatest because it’s a screenshot of the video but you get the idea.

    My hair was very long and fried out from all the “perming” and coloring that I had done back in the day so I really didn’t care if it was completely cut off. I guess that’s one reason why I felt I needed this makeover.

    Looking back at the video I was so shy. I always struggled to fit in. I may have seemed like I was outgoing or bubbly on the outside but on the inside, I always struggled with low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and always questioning who I was and who were my real friends. Looking back, I was struggling will bullies, the typical mean girl kind who would say one thing to your face and another behind your back, and finding my place in the world in which I lived in.

    My makeover to become a supermodel!

    This was my break free moment. I could be anyone I want. Glamorous supermodel, that was me. I could be glamorous. I could smile on the inside and out. Did it change my world, no? Did it change me, no? Honestly, it was a fun experience but that is all it was, just an experience. I was able to go to New York to visit a friend me and my best friend met on vacation. It was a brief moment in time where I could just let go and be free.

    I don’t remember who the person was that did my hair or makeup, I just remember the guy say that I’d make a good Snow White because of my light complexion and dark hair. 

    Watch the video and let me know what you think! 😀

    My makeover in 1992

    Today, many years later, I am still struggling to find my way but I am far better off now than I was back then. I guess this was just a lesson in time proves that we always continue to grow and change. And while our experiences shape and mold us, they do not define us. My makeover washed away and I was still the same me.

    What were you like when you were 23?

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