{DIY Craft} Fleece Knot Blanket

Sitting outside in watching baseball games in the beginning of April…here in the Chicagoland area…it’s pretty windy…and chilly.  You need to start the season off with a bunch of blankets and warm clothes.  However, this year, our weather has been a little goofy with it being 80 degrees one day and 50 the next. I brought my blanket to our Saturday game and was so happy I had it.  I was nice and toasty warm!

For this easy project, you will need two colors of fleece.  For a nice size blanket, I’d suggest using at least 2 yards of each color.  I only used 1.5 yards and while it’s perfect for my short 5’2″ body, for some, it might be too small.  What you want to do is just lay them both flat, one on top of the other. Start out by making about a 2″ slit (about 1″ apart) all the way down one side of the fleece.  Then go back to the beginning and start tying both pieces in a knot.  Do this all the way down until you have completed knotting the one side.  You will want to cut the corner out so that you aren’t pulling them funky and it lays flat.  Once you are done with the one side, repeat the process with the remaining 3 sides until you have tied your entire blanket in knots.

Your fingers will most likely end up hurting…but when you are sporting your spirit blankie…you’ll be proud and warm!

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