Frugal Friday – Do it Yourself

Those with school aged children who take a lunch.  Ponder this will you.

Uncrustables – box of 4 = $2.50 average

Grab yourself a loaf of bread, your peanut butter and your jelly.
Start making sandwiches with the entire loaf of bread.  With a small loaf you can make 10 sandwiches.  Put them all in ziploc bags and place them in your freezer.

It will one: save you time in the morning or at night when having to prepare lunches.  When you need lunch, grab a sandwich from your freezer.
two: it will save you money.  One loaf of bread usually runs about a dollar.  You use a fraction of the peanut butter and jelly.  Maybe it will cost you about $2.50 after you factor in the bags, peanut butter, bread and jelly.  three, you get 6 more sandwiches for the same amount of money.

I experimented with my theory this week.   On Sunday I took 10 minutes, made all the sandwiches and placed them all in the freezer.  For during the week, I just grabbed it out of the freezer, popped it into their lunch boxes and they were on their way.  No more standing there trying to get two lunches made.  They were done in less than one minute!  I had the kids tell me what they thought of their lunches all week.  Each time, they said their sandwiches were perfect.

Save yourself some money.  Do it yourself.

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