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“Bundles of Energy” was founded just over a year ago by Michelle Giangualano when the need for easy to understand sport nutrition information was requested of her by her son’s hockey team. Michelle competed in two Winter Olympic Games as a long track speed skater in 1994 & 1998. She brings a wealth of passion, experience and a grand vision to the company. In October of 2009 Michelle partnered with Jenn Champagne; wife, parent, and athlete. Jenn’s journey to a healthier life through food reached new heights when her twin sons were put on a wheat and dairy-free diet. Jenn found the transition to that diet to be difficult. She believed that there was a need for this information to be more available. Therefore, when Michelle identified the concept of a gentle shift, she jumped at the chance to help other people to make change. She puts her passion to work behind the scenes, working at the “social media game” and management of the company. The “Bundles of Energy” team also includes three energetic and knowledgeable holistic nutritionists. Marcie Brown, Adrianne Smith and Carrie Dancey all contribute so much to both the success and vision of Bundles of Energy. They are continuously adding new recipes, articles and tips for readers and are eager to teach at hands-on events.

“Bundles of Energy” is centered on the principles of holistic nutrition creating accessibility and ease of learning to anyone working toward a healthier lifestyle through in-home workshops and our soon to be launched, online membership program. They are a trusted source of nutritional information with tools, tips and ongoing support that contribute to creating healthy lifestyles and relationships to food and our planet; whole foods, whole body, whole planet.

The goal is to inspire everyone to treat their bodies with the ultimate care by teaching each person about the importance of “real food” and regular exercise; knowledge is power. When you know more about the food you are choosing you are more likely to alter your choices to meet your health commitments.

Begin to make small changes today. As you get comfortable with each change, move on the next one. Sign up for the “Bundles of Energy” newsletter and you will receive your own copy of 25 gentle shifts to amazing health to help you get started as well as an invaluable wallet reference card for the grocery store. It is a quick reference for: Organic best buys (lists which foods are most important to buy organic); and on the other side: Deal breakers (frequently used ingredients to avoid). The monthly newsletter is full of great nutrition articles, news from like-minded professionals and of course, recipes! Enjoy and eat well!

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