New Verified Mom Weekly Feature – Wednesday Wants

Wednesday Wants, what’s that?  Let me tell Ya!  I wanted to introduce a new feature that I will be unveiling next week called “Wednesday Wants”.  As a mom of three teenagers, there is something that someone wants all the time.  So, I figured why not take note of those specific things for the week and share them with you.  These specific things can be as little as a notebook to as extreme as a bed frame.   But I am not limiting it to just the wants of my teens, I am going to share with you the wants of me, my husband and even our pets. 

Wednesday Wants Sneak Peek

But wait, today isn’t Wednesday!  That’s ok!  To give you an idea of what I’m thinking of doing, I am going to share a sneak peek for you right here, right now.  This week was a very long week.  Going back to school has been stressful and for some reason, it’s taking me a long time to get back into the groove.  There has been one thing that has helped me get through this week so far and it’s been this… 

Wednesday Wants - Lavender Hemp Seed Hand & Body Lotion by Earthly Body

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Hemp Seed Hand & Body Lotion by Earthly Body

This lotion is ah-may-zing!  Lavender Hemp Seed lotion is made with natural oils including hemp seed and argan oil.  It really does leave your skin silky smooth.  I usually love anything with lavender in it because it helps to aid in my anxiety so I could really bathe in this.  Earthly Body’s lotion is non-greasy, is paraben, phthalate, thc, and gluten free.  It is also 100% vegan and is not tested on animals! Honestly, it does not make you feel like you just lathered up with lotion.  It really feels like there is a thin silky layer of soft protection where ever you place it.  It is $10.99 and can be found on {here’s my affiliate link} Amazon.

If you use this or any other hand & body lotion that you want to tell me about, please share it below in the comments.  I love learning about awesome products that work like this one here.

Next week, I will share more products that my family loves and has either purchased or wants to purchase!  Sign up for my newsletter (side bar to your right) and stay tuned for all the cool products I have to share  

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