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Everyone has a different relationship with their daughters, which can make talking about “it” a little bit uncomfortable.  Yes, by “it”, I mean, period.  I have a very open relationship with my oldest daughter so when it was time for us to prepare, we did it together.  I made sure to make her feel very comfortable talking to me about menstruation and what is involved, and that it is ok to ask questions if they should arise.

When I received the Original Period Pack to review,  I let my daughter open it first so see her reaction as a young girl.  She is a very opinionated 13 year old, imagine that!  The first thing she said after opening the box was, “I wish I was 12 again, this is so amazing” and then she went on and on about what she was pulling out of the box.   The Original Period Pack comes with thin maxi pads, panty liner, feminine wipes,  the Period. book,  a “Don’t Cramp My Style” carrying case (perfect for hiding pads), an organic tampon, nail polish remover pads, nail polish, nail file, a Period Pack calendar to track your monthly cycle, hot chocolate, bubble gum, scented bags, lip balm, Ruby’s Red Wash, and a SMENCIL that can be used with the monthly calendar.  For $39.99 you have everything you need to open the doors of communication and you can then begin sharing in the excitement as your little girl celebrates a major milestone in her life,  womanhood.  For additional information, be sure to visit PeriodPacks.com.

We did receive the above products to review and test.  Please see our disclosure policy for any further details.  Our words and opinions are ours and ours alone.

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  1. Thanks to you Phyllis ()and your daughter, of course) for your lovely and candid feedback about Period Packs. We hope all young ladies receiving their Original, Fresh Scent, Organic or Tampon Time Period Pack will think they are as amazing as your daughter believes them to be! XOXO

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