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Netflix….What’s On Your To Watch List?

Netflix #Shelfie List?  What’s that you ask?  You know, those movies and tv shows that sit on your “to watch” list that you can never seem to start watching.  I have a HUGE list of things waiting to be watched but with the start of school and trying to get back into a “school time” schedule, it’s been really hard to sit down and binge watch like I did during the summer.  Here are my top three Netflix shows that I am dying to start!#StreamTeam


Netflix #Shelfie List - Blacklist

  1.  The Blacklist.  I started watching this during season one and I loved it, but never set up my dvr to record it so I missed a lot of episodes.  I want to re-start this one and watch it again from the beginning.  That’s the beauty of Netlix!  If you can’t catch it while it’s on TV, you can start/stop it when you have time right there on Netflix!  Love that!
  2.  Pretty Little Liars.  Again, I started watching this one and got to about season 3 and again, got distracted with life and stopped watching it.  I am still dying to find out who “A” is and no, I haven’t seen who it is online so if you know, DO NOT tell me!!!  *Closing my eyes*
    Netflix #Shelfie List - Once Upon a Time
  3.  Once Upon a Time.  I literally *just* started watching this one.  It had been on my must watch list for months upon months and after my oldest started watching it she kept telling me that I had until the 27th to binge watch 4 seasons!  Needless to say, I am only on season 1, episode 10, out of 22!!  I didn’t meet my deadline!


BONUS – I also want to watch ALL of the CSI: NY episodes!  That may take a while since there are currently 9 seasons on Netflix! :O


So tell me, what’s on your Netflix #Shelfie List of things to watch?  I’m always looking for new shows to catch on Netflix!


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