Walgreens deLISH HouseParty

Who doesn’t like watching the awards?  All the pretty dresses {that we’d never be able to afford, let alone fit in}, and all the glamourous and fashionable actors and actresses, I mean, what’s not to like right?  I am a huge fan of celebrities {go figure since I have my own celebrity gifting company ::shameless plug::} so of course when I was informed that I was selected to host the Walgreens deLISH award show Houseparty, how could I not be thrilled beyond words???


I sent out my invites, told the kids and their friends that we were having this fun party where we got to taste test some chocolate and ice cream!  That alone was exciting!  When I received my houseparty box of goodies I have to admit, I got a little happy!  Opening this box….all I sensed was rich chocolaty goodness!  Before I knew it, it was PARTY TIME!  Here are some of our photos from our taste testing award show party!


2014-03-02 15.04.41 2014-03-02 15.05.01 2014-03-02 15.05.38 2014-03-02 15.09.59 2014-03-02 15.10.08

2014-03-02 15.09.38 2014-03-02 15.09.50 2014-03-02 16.58.48 2014-03-02 17.02.05 2014-03-02 17.05.48-1 2014-03-02 17.06.57

2014-03-02 17.04.30

2014-03-02 19.58.06 2014-03-02 20.00.43 2014-03-02 20.01.28-2


I have so many more photos to share, but I don’t want to slow down the site! 🙂  

Thanks Walgreens and HouseParty for allowing us to have fun while tasting the wonderful products that were 




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