We aren’t those people

You know, the ones that are on time; we aren’t them! We are the people who usually show up right on time or 10-15 minutes late. I don’t know why, well, actually I do. Usually I’m the one running around the house getting everything ready for the day, making sure kids are all up, dressed, have shoes (yes, once we left with one of them NOT having shoes!), then circling back again a few minutes later to make sure they all heard me. I have no idea what role my husband has in this as he’s usually getting his coffee, checking how he looks in the mirror, and doing stuff for him (running to get mcdonalds or cigarettes *yuck*) and I’m left being responsible for 4 people. You’d think by now I’d have a good “getting out the door” system, but here my oldest is 15, and I’m just as disorganized as I was the day we decided I’d become a stay at home mom. I was much more organized and functional when I was a working mom. We have become the calm before the storm and when it’s time to leave the house, we’re exhausted, out of breath and stressed.

We don’t do it on purpose but yes, we are those people. The ones you might talk about and comment saying “they’re always late”, and I’d have to agree. It is something we are working on and I’m very conscious of it…bare with me, I’ll eventually be early…*snicker* as we are currently running late!

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