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Editorial Calendar for Verified Mom

If you have a product that will fit within the Verified Mom BLOG EDITORIAL CALENDAR, please feel free to email and be sure to include all pertinent details.  If you would like to provide a product for review, please refer to the Verified Mom Advertising Page first and do not hesitate to email with any questions.


Theme – Lifestyle Changes

Health & Wellness

Home Organization

Meal Planning

Fitness Check in 




Theme- LOVE

Cooking – Red/White/Pink foods

Valentines Style & Crafts

Fitness Check in




Spring Break Fun

Cooking – Easter Dishes

Fitness Check in 




Theme – Peace on Planet Earth

Cooking – Quick & Simple to save time

Tweens – Moods & Relationships

Eco-Products & Services

Earth Day 22nd

Sports Safety Prep

Fitness Check in




Crafts with Flowers

Cooking – Sweets & Treats

Weekend Getaways

Gifts for Moms {Products & Services}

Teen – Style & Products

Teen – Prom

Fitness Check in




Summer Fun

Graduation PartyCooking – Graduation Foods

Dads & Kid Fun Together

Gifts for Dads {Products & Services}

Fitness Check in




Summer & Pool toys

Fairs & Festivals

Cooking – BBQ

Crafts – Red/White & Blue

Fitness Check in



Back to School

Back to School Deals

Tween & Teen Style

Cooking – Healthy Lunches and Quick Breakfasts

Fitness Check in




College Prep

Cooking – Crockpot

Holiday Budgeting & Prep

Fitness Check in




Breast Cancer Awareness

Spouses & Relationships

Date Night Fun

Ways to Reconnect with Spouse or Kids


Cooking – Fall Foods

Fitness Check in



Theme – Family & Giving

Family Cooking – Get everyone involved


Thanksgiving Traditions & Foods

Making A Difference {how you can}

Fitness Check in




Theme – Celebrate Life

Best of 2015 –

–Books, toys, beauty, fashion, gadgets, cooking, etc…Christmas Traditions {how to start or enhance current ones}

Holiday Gift Guide

Cooking – Baking & Cooking Go-To Holiday Treats & Meals

Final Fitness Check in