2 gift ideas for your little roadster

Finding toys for your little guy can be overwhelming can’t it?  After a while, all the cars and trucks start to look a like.  That’s when you will want to find something that stands out and is different from what you normally see and buy.  That’s where the Road Rippers come in.  We tested out two of their toys, the Come-Back Racer and the Wheelie Bike.  Both are for ages 3+ and appeal not only to kids for their life life rides, but they are motorized and have light and sound which makes for an awesome ride!

The Come-Back Racer has three light buttons that activate three different effects.  The red button plays music and makes the car ‘dance’ to the tune.  The yellow button sounds the engine and then tears off into the sunset and the green button sounds the “Gentlemen Start Your Engines” and “Get Ready, Get Set, Go”.  The auto comes with a mute switch so when mom and dad have had enough…just make the switch!  For your little pre-schooler who loves cars, this will keep them entertained and makes for a great gift!  The Road Rippers Come-Back Racer retails for $19.99 and more information can be obtained by visiting MyMotorIsland.com

Another fun toy is the Wheelie Bike that retails for about $13 and is also a Road Ripper product.  The Wheelie Bike also has sounds, lights, and is motorized too.  It will race around on the floor popping wheelies, making the sounds of a running motorbike, revving engine and all, and will play fun tunes.  The best feature for both is that you can register your vehicle for online playing.  You can play games and complete various missions in their own online virtual world.  You can visit ToyState.com or MyMotorIsland.com for more information.

Hope you and your little roadster have a safe ride this summer!