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    5 Fathers Day Gift Guide Picks

    Our annual Father’s Day Gift Guide & Wish List for 2014 is finally here! We have selected a few gifts for Dad, Dad-to-be, and Grandpa’s of all stages and ages. Some links are affiliate links and we have received some products to review.

    Our Father’s Day Picks…

    Sunny Health & Fitness Foot Massager from Wayfair


    Yes, this is my foot, not my husbands – I had to test it before I give it to him, and I secretly have it stashed under my desk so I can keep using it until I officially give it to him! *snicker*  This Foot Massager from: Wayfair {$91.00} is so wonderful and I am 110% positive that my husband {who is on his feet all day, everyday, as a drywall finisher} will love this gift!  It has 15 different levels of high frequency vibrations {hello}, 6 stepped ultra long waves radiation massage, 6 levels of remote infrared beams, 3 preset auto functions, 8 magnetic wave fields, calorie meter and wireless remote.  It leaves your feet feeling tingly and yet somehow relaxed.  I have tested just about every setting, auto settings, and infrared levels and my favorite is the auto setting 2…it’s surprising the first time you try it! It’s louder than I would like, but I can definitely deal with the noise it makes to gain comfort in my feet…oops, I mean, my husbands feet! *wink

    MicroTouch razors

    Dads & tween/teen boys will LOVE this line of razors and personal groomers!


    My personal favorite {and I’m not a guy…so} is the MicroTouch Max {$14.99}.  I have used it on my son when he isn’t quite ready for a hair cut, I can just clean up the back and make it “appear” as if he had a recent cut.  I don’t like the fuzzies on his neck so I tend to want to shave it off as soon as I see new growth!  It’s great for side burns too.  As a new to be teen {in just a couple months}, this is a product I’d feel comfortable in having him use as an introduction to shaving.  It trims hair with micro precision and is great for sensitive skin – great for those pre-teen fuzzies, I’m telling you!

    Dads {& sons} will love the bonding moments as teens learn how to use a “real” razor with the MicroTouch One safety razor.  It comes with a fancy stand and creates the feeling of a traditional barber shop shave leaving their faces clean and smooth!

    Dads {& sons} will also love the MicroTouch SwitchBlade {$19.99} as well because it is a great go-between.  It is an All-In-One grooming tool that can be used between haircuts.  You can use it to clean up beards, and it can be used in those hard to reach areas {ears & nose} and can be used to clean up body hair that needs some touching up!


    ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent

    Do you have a camping dad or one that likes to spend time outside?  If so, he’s going to love this next gift by ThermaCELL!


    The Mosquito Repellent lantern by ThermaCELL {$22.99} provides 15×15 ft. area of repellency {which is the average size of a deck}.  It repels those pesty mosquitoes, black flies and other flying insects.  There is no candle or flames so it is perfectly safe to leave on your table or you can even hang it on a shepherds hook too if you have one near your patio or deck.  The light is powered by LED’s and it’s super easy to use.  All you have to do is insert the repellent mat and butane cartridge, rotate the collar on and then to start.  Can be used year round too!  It does require 3AAA-sized batteries to power the LED’s and will light for a max of 50 hours!  Refill mats can be purchased so you can continue to use it year after year!

    While we’re at it, dad will also love…


    La Fresh Travel Lite Insect Repellent Wipes

    Going for a hike or just out enjoying the night skies?  Dad will appreciate having these little guys on hand.


    The La Fresh Insect Repellent Wipes are DEET free, chemical free, long lasting and safe for the whole family!  We love natural products and this particular product is all natural made with peppermint oil, castor oil, olive oil, sesame oil & wheat germ oil!  Great to carry with you in your backpack while hiking, camping, gardening, traveling, etc…   Take a look at their other products for dad like their antibacterial wipes, shoe shine wipes, antiperspirant wipes, hygiene wipes, and lens & screen wipes!  Perfect for the busy dad on the go!


    Fishing Dads…


    My youngest daughter and my dad have a very special and unique bond that I absolutely adore.  They love fishing together so when I saw this, I knew that it was the perfect gift for grandpa!  This adorable “Together” Fishing Bears Statue from: Wayfair {$16.75} will just melt your grandpa’s heart!  If your child bonds with their dad, uncle, or grandpa through fishing, this is the cutest gift ever!  It is by far, my favorite gift!  It’s simple, says it all and is the perfect gifts to pay tribute to a special bonding moment between man & child.

    To see more of our favorite gifts for dad, head over to our sister site, Verified Mom!




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