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    Allow me to introduce myself

    Howdy, I’m @Mrs_AOK.  Okay…not my real name, but if you follow me on Twitter that is how you can find me.  I’m Adina- and I am a Twitterholic. Mrs. AOK has become my presence online through my Etsy shop, my blog, and my Twitter account, and I am AOK with it. ; )

    Besides being a Twitterholic, I am lucky to be the mommy to my three magnificent children (2,5, and 9).  I am quite sure you will learn more about my ♥ kiddos ♥ in my posts, but I promise I won’t get Pageant Mommy on you or will I.

    At times I may get all sickening sweet when I speak about my husband, but I will “try” to keep that to a minimum.

    My posts may be quite random I will blog about being me… a mommy, a crafter, a consumer of goods, a foodie, and lover of life.  I hope you will come to love what I have to say and stay a while. I think we will have a good thing you and I.


    ◊Fun Facts◊

    Misplaced TeXan living in the Chicagoland area

    Army Brat

    Married at the age of 20. What o_O? Yup 20! And we’re still together : )


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