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    School Supplies: Our 2016 Must-Have List

    What’s on Your List?

    This year was a little different since I only had to shop with two kids instead of three.  The third is going to a local junior college so we didn’t have to do much shopping for her, plus her boyfriend won some school supplies and he gave them to her….score!  My son is a Freshman now so they don’t usually give them a “supply” list because each teacher will provide them with their supply list when they get to school.  Usually it’s just to make sure they have the right calculator and maybe a specific type of notebook or binder, otherwise, you’re pretty much on your own.  My little girl in 7th grade is the only one that needed to shop with a list.  Easy-peasy lemon squeezy!

    Back to School Supplies - Must Have List 2016

    I usually have an overabundance of school supplies because I am addicted to them so – I always think I need more than I do.  I didn’t have to go far to shop this year.  I just walked down the stairs to the basement where I found my big box of school goodies.

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    Her list consisted of the typical school supplies like, lead pencils, dry erase markers, black, blue and red pens, some tape, stick glue, a folder for each subject, spiral notebooks, and a composition notebook.  She also needed things like kleenex and sanitary wipes (lysol or clorox).  In addition to that we needed a lock, gym shoes and a gym uniform.  Since she is taking art this semester she will also need construction paper, a sketch pad and some sharpie highlighter markers.  And, in order to transport her belongings to and from school, a backpack was required.  She was anti-locker decorating so I got off lucky with that one!  I never will understand the need for a locker chandelier.  Never.

    School Supplies – 2016


    Westcott 12″ Ruler
    Expo Dry Erase Markers
    Cra-Z-Art Washable Markers
    Elmer’s Washable Glue Sticks

    Elmer’s School Glue 4oz.
    Papermate Pens in Black & Blue
    Sharpie Highlighers
    Papermate Pens in Red

    Scotch Student Scissors 7″
    Post-It Notes 3×3 squares
    Casemate Pink Erasers 2pk

    Now lets talk Backpacks and folders! My Freshman loves his new expandable Five Star® backpack .  His classes are scattered across the entire two story school so he will never be making it to his locker to put books away.  It’s big enough to carry the 6 huge school books and then some.

     Five Star Expandable Backpack

    He also stocked himself with the Mead® Five Star® 1″ Hybrid Notebinder.  It acts like a notebook but works like a binder!  You can add extra sheets of paper, fold it flat like a notebook and it has 5 pocket dividers so each class can be separated. 

    Mead® Five Star® also has a great assortment of folders and spiral notebooks.  You can pick from nice trendy designs or keep it simple with solids.  The one shown below is Five Star® Style 4-Pocket Paper Folder .icon


    And last but certainly not least, my favorite school supply EVER…the spiral notebook!  The first one is the Five Star® Style Wirebound Notebook.  They have some great ones for the younger kids too like shown below.


    My son also needed new gym shoes so off to Kohl’s we went.  You can see in the Instagram pic above he’s sporting these sweet Nike Air Epic Speed Men’s Cross Trainers .



    I definitely have more Back to School supplies and fashion to share with you but these are just the basics for our family.   I’m so addicted to these Bic Cristal Xtra Fine Stic pens right now – it’s a sickness I’m telling you!

    What’s on your back to school must-have list?


    1. oh my gosh. i was obsessed with EVERYTHING Five Star when I was in school. lol. All my note books, folders, binders, everrryything! We just started school yesterday over here. Summer went FAST!!!

    2. I remember every year, my mom would make me double check that I already had most of the stuff on my list. Usually I did because I was so meticulous about keeping my stuff nice. But what a pain when I started high school and one teacher would require a 1″ binder and another a 3″ binder. Then you have 6 classes to go to. My parents always made sure that I had a great backpack to carry everything. Crazy how not much has changed. But I still go shopping for the notebooks every year. Can’t resist,

    3. I wish they gave us HS supply lists earlier. Feels like you have to scramble after school starts. I did get some basics though. You know. They always need the binder, notebooks and folders. Nice backpack too. Happy fall & back to school.

    4. My daughters both got those exact Nike shoes!! This is a great list for sure. I always like to get index cards for studying…but that’s not for a few more weeks at least….I hope!

      • Oh yes, how could I forget index cards! I always have a supply of them. The teachers want a 200 index card count and I always get 190 returned back home at the end of the school year. I haven’t had to buy them for 6 years! LOL

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