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    Baxies: Setting a trend from behind!

    When you think of the back of your earrings, you certainly do not think anyone is going to notice or pay much attention, but you are so wrong.  Gone away are the regular metal earring backs!  Say hello to Baxies!  Baxies allow you to dump those old boring backs and add a touch of fun and fashion to the backs of your earrings!  They are so cute for kids and are making quite the statement with cheerleaders and little fashionistas around the world.  They aren’t just for the little ones, oh no they are not!  Moms and Dads can get in on the fashionable fun too!  I tested Baxies out myself (to make sure they stay in place and don’t bug the backs of my ears) and they fit like a glove and didn’t budge or wiggle its way off.

    Check them out!  Girls can use cute little lady bug Baxies or (perfect for Valentine’s day) hearts and swirls:

    Now you can wear your hair back or up and make a statement coming and going!   There are other fun designs to choose from too so be sure to take a peek!  Baxies are hypoallergenic and 100% lead free! Each pair is 11mm round and retails for $4.95.   If your little one, cheerleader or even yourself is an earring fanatic, or you just love to be one up on the trends, then Baxies are a must-have for you!

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