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    Featured Holiday Product: Little People® Zootalkers™ Animal Sounds Zoo

    LITTLE PEOPLE® ZOOTALKERS™ Animal Sounds Zoo is a great gift for your little zookeeper.  We were able to test this product out and had so much fun doing so.  You do have to do some light setup before your little one can get down to animal business, but it was a “snap”, literally.  All the pieces that you have to assemble simply snap (or click) in place.  We just followed the picture on the box and was able to have it all in one piece in a matter of a couple minutes.  It does require 3AA batteries so you might want a small screwdriver handy but no other tools for that matter were needed for this quick assembly.  We had our little testers get down to business and they stayed occupied for quite some time.  We left the toy out for a few days to see if it would lose it luster if the kids saw it every day, but no such luck, this toy was honestly, played with every day.   It comes with a ‘zookeeper’, lion, polar bear,  and ape.  I’m not exactly sure why it was an ape when it is clear on the box that a monkey is on the swing, unless it is just to show that other animals can be purchased and are compatible with this particular animal sounds zoo.  Just be prepared, if you’re expecting a monkey, you might end up with an ape.

    The kids can place the animals in the den to hear it’s name and sound it makes.  They can slide the animals down the slide, swing them in the tree and play with the hippo that makes water splashing noises or the animals can just hang out in the trees.  Moms can move it easily because it does have a nice handle masked as part of the icy area the polar bear can hang out in.  It is best for kids 18mo+ and up and by up, I mean, we had even had a 7 year old playing with it!  The Little People® Zootalkers™ Animal Sounds Zoo happily receives a spot on our Holiday featured gift list.  It has a MSRP of $40 and you can pick yours up at Target, Walmart, and by going directly to the Mattel website.  We are sure your little one will have fun playing with all the animals this Christmas and for days beyond.

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