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    Featured Holiday Product: Moon Dough Snack Shop Playset

    Wish List Topper!

    “I’d love to have the Moon Dough Snack Shop!” says my six-year-old daughter.  In my mind I’m thinking remember that moon sand a couple years back…. it ended up in the trash {the next day}!  Instead, I say I’m not sure we’ll see.  However, I decide to give the moon dough a test, and I have to say TWO THUMBS UP!  I started off a skeptic, but now I’m loving Moon Dough—it’s not as messy.

    The Moon Dough Snack Shop is so much fun, all the child testers 3,6,and 9 had a blast.  Each child was able to pick something to do one child can make pretzels, another ice cream, and the other popcorn.  The kids were so proud of their creations that they decided to come show my husband in our carpeted living room. One of our lovely testers dropped their latest creation and we weren’t too happy.  However, the moon dough was surprisingly easy to pick up.  This made Mama happy and that’s why I can say I LOVE MOON DOUGH.

    It is rather cute to see the kiddos pretend to own a snack shop.  The popcorn maker makes little pieces of popcorn that look quite similar to the real thing.  Nevertheless, the kiddos may need your help popping the popcorn– it needs a little muscle. I do wish the mold for the popcorn was larger, but the children don’t seem to mind.

    The moon dough has three other pluses I’d like to share:

    • Moon dough doesn’t dry out
    • Moon dough is Hypo-allergenic
    • Mood dough is also wheat-free


    Right now you can find the Moon Dough Snack shop on sale at Toys R Us for 14.99!



    1. So glad to hear you say this, as Santa is getting this set for the kiddos this Xmas. I, too bought Moon Dough a while back and threw it away promptly thereafter! Ever forgiving, I thought this set looked fun and it will be under the tree this year. I am thrilled to hear it meets the kids (and parents) test 🙂

    2. This set has the “new improved Moon Dough” and I truly do love it! I think Santa will be placing these playsets under many trees : )
      Happy Holidays to you and your family-

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