Former Miss Venezuela Loses Her Battle to Breast Cancer

The former Miss Venezuela Eva Ekvall has lost her battle to breast cancer at the young age or 28.  Ekvall has been fighting breast cancer for two years– she found out she had breast cancer after giving birth to her daughter.  Ekvall’s battle has been closely watched by many Venezuelans, Ekvall wrote a book through the process “Fuera de Foco” which translates “Out of Focus”.


The book has candid pictures of the beauty queen and emails to family and loved ones.  Ekvall, died in Houston leaving behind her husband John Fabio Bermudez,  2-year-old daughter, and parents. The passing of Eva Ekvall is just another reminder how precious life is, we all need to take our health seriously– this holiday take time for yourself.  Our hearts and thoughts are with Eva’s family.