Getting Organized with May Designs

I have been known to say once or twice….or maybe more, that I am not much of a list maker. I mean, I make lists, but then I lose them only to find them two weeks later with none of the items on the list, crossed off. Sound familiar? I sure hope so because I can’t believe that I am the only one out there with inadequate list making skills. However, I always have great intentions and now after a year, I am still writing a weeks worth of dinner meals on my dry erase menu frame that I made {I’ll have to share that one day too} and everyone seems to be happy with that so I decided to take it one step farther.


May Designs Product Review


I checked out May Designs who creates one-of-a-kind designed books that a custom to your needs and likes. You can select the outside cover design, background shape & color, font style, and of course, what kind of notebook you want!  By that, I mean, you can select a Meal Planning notebook, a Budget notebook, a Calorie & Exercise notebook, Kids Handwriting notebook, Address notebook, and so much more!  It makes getting organized more fun and custom to your needs.  I have the Diet & Exercise notebook and I love it.  I just started Weight Watchers as you may have read and this is helping me to stay on track with my Simply Filling meals, fluid intake and exercise…and it has a spot for any struggles I may have experienced that day.  I love that I can stick it in my purse and it doesn’t “look” like a big bulky tracker or journal.  It is a nice size, it flexible and fits perfectly in my purse.  The other one that I have is the Meal Planning book and I like this one because it has everything I need when planning my weekly menus.  One one side it has the days of the week and you can list your main dish and your side dishes.  On the other side is a market list so you can jot down all the ingredients you need to make sure your weeks worth of dinners is easily taken care of.  This too I can take a long with me in my purse so I am sure I get everything I need off my list.  I use this as my main grocery list so nothing is left behind!  Now, the one that I have yet to really dig into is the Budget book only because I am starting my job in August and I want to make sure that I have the right salary {yeah, it’s salaried and I get paid every two weeks so I’m not sure how that will work into my budget just yet}, so I am waiting just a bit longer to see how that one will work but so far, I am really enjoying these cute little notebooks and I feel that I have a little more control with the day to day ins and outs of running my life and the meals of the family.  It really is a nice feeling when you are organized and when you have “pretty” books to help you along, that’s even better!  May Designs also creates cards and stationary so you can be as creative as you’d like!  


May Designs notebooks range in cost from $19 to $22 and are perfect for heading into the back to school season, gift gifting, or just to get yourself back on track and organized!  Thanks May Designs for allowing us to create a product that is practical, useful and custom to our own tastes.