Giveaway #6 – Glee Gum, Yay for Glee Gum!

That is what your children (and you) will be saying after having a taste of Glee Gum. I personally love this product because it is an all natural product! It has no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. You would wonder, then how could it taste good, right? Trust me, it just does! It is made using organic cane sugar, natural flavoring, and beeswax to name a few of their ingredients. Oh, and I cannot forget to mention two important facts about Glee Gum! One, this gum is made using chicle which helps to conserve the rain-forest, and two, it is gluten, diary, soy and nut free! How awesome is that? Glee Gum comes in 7 different flavors to satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

But don’t let just my opinion sway you! I gave some to my kids, all three of them, to test out and critique for me. You know they can be brutally honest, right? Well, they gave all their flavors tested a thumbs up which was no surprise to me. A fave of mine is the Peppermint Glee Gum, along with the Cinnamon. My tween-ager seemed to like the Spearmint Glee Gum the best and the younger ones loved the fruity, Tangerine, Triple Berry and Bubblegum Flavor. Then, we all love the Wee Glee Gum! So teeny tiny but so flavorful! I seriously could chew this gum all day!

Our friends at Glee Gum wanted to offer one of our lucky readers the chance to win 1 Mini Glee Variety pack (21 4-piece and shown to the left) & a coupon to 1 winner. Giveaway is limited to the United States only. GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED – Congratulations to our winner Marcia H.

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