Going Green in a fun way…

Kids want to help go green too.  Here are a couple of fun ways to reuse or safely get rid of waste in a more eco kid friendly way.

  • This summer in place of the old Lemonade Stand how bout setting up a Used Cell Phone Collection Stand?  Kids can have a collection box set up alongside your yard sale– that’s two ways to give things a second life.  Cell phones can then be sent to Cell Phones for Soldiers which helps our military receive calling cards to talk to their loved ones far away.
  • Recycle old shoes into something new.  Kids will love painting old shoes and turning them into planters.  Just make sure and adult drills holes in the bottom to allow for drainage. Rain boots are adorable as planters hanging on a fence.
  • Newspapers make great gift wrap.  Have your kids take “the funnies” and wrap presents for family and friends.  Planters can also be made from newspaper. Newspaper Planters How To .  Do you have a party to host this summer how about making a pinata with your kiddos?  Your children will feel accomplished making their own pinata (a word of caution they may not want to bust it open ) ; )
  • Is it time for you to clean out your medcine cabinet?  Have your children help you brew a pot of coffee, then dump your (adult) coffee grounds into a gallon sized baggie add your (adult) old pills and let you children see the pills dissolve right before their eyes.  (Science project!) Explain to your children the importance of taking care of our water.
  • Big brothers or sisters will love turning baby’s food jars into snow globes. Instead of snow try glitter.

The options for reusing, re-purposing, or recycling are limitless…. keep posted for more green ideas.  Please let us see what you do with your family to be Green, we can’t wait to see : )