Holiday Lights giving you problems? Here is a handy tool to help fix that!

Last year I purchased a 12 foot pre-lite tree on clearance. I didn’t get the tree until after the first of the year so the store could take it down and box it all up for me, ect… Well, of course I wasn’t going to take it out of the box and put it up to test it then, so I waited until I needed the tree actually up. It went up fine, no problems with putting it together. The problem occured when I plugged in the lights. Half of my tree didn’t work. Various strands here and there were out. I sat there and seriously cried because it was a pretty tree if only the lights would work. I was on the phone with my mom later that evening as the snow was falling outside. She told me about this ‘gun’ that she got after my aunt told her about it. She went on and on about how well it worked, blah blah blah so I had my husband gear up to head to Ace Hardware in the middle of the snow storm to find me that ‘gun’!

This is a handy tool has been a life saver…I mean, “Light Saver” the entire lighted holiday season. The “Light Keeper Pro” has a retail value of about $25.00, kind of pricey, but well worth the cost in my book. My husband came home waving the gun in the air as if he just saved the world, yes, my world. Excited to try it out, I took the tree apart and followed the directions on the package and was amazed beyond words that upon the 6th pull of the trigger, the lights mysteriously went on! OMG, yes they did!! As excited as I was, I went around my entire tree and in less than an hour I had all my lights working! Even those that I had in the ‘to throw away’ pile I was able to save!


You can find this handy little tool at any fine retailer, from Menards, Hobby Lobby, Meijers, to your local Ace Hardware store. Visit their website and take a peek at the various locations and view a complete tutorial on how to work the little red gun! 🙂 Light Keeper Pro Buy it and I can almost guarantee you will love it as much as I do! I am now actively seeking lights to fix! 🙂