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    How about some j’YOUlry for your Valentine…

    For Valentine’s Day how about giving your Valentine custom photo jewelry and accessories made by j’YOUlry.  j’YOUlry takes your precious moments and displays them in beautiful jewelry and accessories– so the jewels in your life are always with you.  We picked some of our favorite gifts from j’YOUlry’s  shop for him and her… but honestly there are so many goodies there– it’s kinda hard to pick.  You have to check out the NuptYOUals section there are plenty fabulous gifts for weddings, but I think some are perfect for Valentine’s day too.

    For her:




    Sterling Silver Heart Photo Pendant – normally $75, On Sale now for $60







    Two Tone Filigree Heart Photo Pendant and Earring set Normally $100 – on sale for $75 (your choice silver with gold or gold with silver)



    What a way to make her swoon… right?  I thought of a great idea… Will You Marry Me!  What  a cute way to propose– with a picture of you holding a Will You Marry Me sign.  The engagement would be forever captured in j’YOUlry’s beautifully handcrafted jewelry.

    For Him:


    Silver Tone Photo Cuff Links for Him (Round or Square)- $30 (available in sterling silver for $75)

    This would be cute with family picture or with your wedding picture inside the cufflinks.



    Photo Key Chains – available in circle, square or rectangle – $20 each



    Do you want to the jYOUlry Difference?

    •The jYOUlry signature collection is created using only high quality sterling silver and is not made from scrabble tiles or poker chips.

    •All jYOUlry photo items are permanently sealed with a scratch and water resistant material, NOT a piece of glass glued on top or a flimsy piece of plastic that you can remove.

    •jYOUlry does not use your original photos, all photos are reproduced and custom sized for each item.

    •Each piece of jYOUlry is handmade and individually crafted.

    •jYOUlry cares about providing quality gifts at an affordable price.

    •jYOUlry delivers your custom orders faster than the competition. jYOUlry completes orders in 1-3 weeks other brands can take up to 9 weeks!

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