Hugs from an angel

I am writing tonight about a truly wonderful thing that just happened to me.  I was sitting at my desk doing some research for a client and all of a sudden, I started to feel a bit depressed.  I am in tune with my self and I do believe in angels, guardian angels, and spiritual beings.  I sat here, closed my eyes and just started to cry.  While I was at the start of my tearful jolt, I instantly felt a warmth on my back.  It felt as if there was someone standing behind me wrapping their arms around me and I could feel their body heat against my back.  The warmth feeling wrapped itself around me.  I took in the warmth because I knew it was my guardian angel standing by me, reassuring me that everything will be ok.  All the stress I put on myself will be put to rest soon.  All the self inflicting pain I threw myself into with finances, balancing work and home, anything and everything that I have stressed about will soon be a thing of the past.  I believe in my heart that my angel is with me and she (it is a she) is telling me to just let everything go, release it and just live.  Live for right now.  Live for myself.  We will be ok.  Trust in her for she will never let me suffer.  I have forgiven myself for putting my family into this position and tonight it was confirmed by my angel that I have been forgiven from above and I am now free to move forward to receive all the gifts due to me.

This may sound strange to some but it makes perfect sense to me.