Keep Buzzin’ – Product Review

We had featured this particular product in one of our gift guides, however, I felt that it alone deserved it’s own shout out and decided to follow up with a special review.  I am a huge lotion and potion fanatic, there I said it.  I have a few addictions {pens and paper included} to certain types of products and this is one of my newest favorite products.  Introducing….

Keep Buzzin’ Body Products

What makes this particular product so special?  There are quite a few qualities that I fell in love with.  First, the packaging.  Each jar of goodies is beautifully colored to represent exactly what is in it.  For example, the Cherry Almond Hand Cream has a nice bright pinkish colored label with cherries and almonds on it so I know in my messy cabinet exactly what it is without even having to do digging or searching for the product I am looking for.  It stands out!  That alone is HUGE in my house!  

Second, as soon as you open up the jar you get a great scent as to, again, what the product is.  I am a big lavender fan and when I opened up the True Lavender Hand Cream I instantly smelled that wonderful relaxing scent and it was not an over powering or overwhelming feeling, it was a great blend of natural ingredients!  Third, the product is earth friendly which means it is good not only for you but for our planet as well.   Keep Buzzin’ Body Products is sustainable and vegan…containing no paraben, lanolin, petrolatum, sulfates, oxy benzone or carmine.  All jars are 100% recycled and made in the USA with no BPA or phthalates, and the shrink sleeves are 100% compostable and made from corn!  AND, as if that wasn’t enough to make this extremely amazing product more amazing…how about the simple fact that it works!  I am terrible at wearing shoes in the summer.  I love the bare feet and comfortable look in the summer time and my heels reflect that.  As soon as I put the Spearment Foot Cream on, my were soft and they felt better than any other lotions I have tried to use.  The hand creams were not greasy and didn’t leave that “lotion coating” on my hands.  After washing dishes, a little dab of the Tangerine Hand Cream softened up my hands and left them feeling as smooth as silk.  It didn’t feel like I would drop the next thing I was about to hold, like the remote!

Keep Buzzin’ Body Products are affordably priced at only $10 per jar, it will be the best $10 lotion/potion investment you will ever want to make!


*Disclosure – Yes, I did receive a sample product to provide this review, however, all opinions are honest, and mine alone.