Key to Weightloss = Portion Control {livliga & kidliga review}

kidliga three piece place setting
I had the wonderful opportunity to test out the newest addition to the Livliga collection. As you know, childhood obesity is a constant struggle. Learning to eat the right food is important, but so is eating the right portions! I have learned with my own children, that it starts at home. If you let them graze and eat anything they want, they will start filling their feelings with food and that is far from a healthy diet. My kids know that if they want to eat something, they need to ask. They do not just go in my cabinets or fridge without asking first. If they are bored, I have noticed that they will stand in the kitchen while looking in the fridge or cabinet and specifically say, “I’m so bored”. Then I know, ok eat a piece of fruit or cheese stick, but don’t grab the ice cream or candy bar. Making things a bit easier is the Kidliga 3 piece place setting by livliga and book, “Sammie & Sax in the Land of Quinoa: the search for a balanced meal” by Sheila Kemper Dietrich.

kidliga porcelain place setting

What this particular place setting does is allows kids to start making healthier choices by eating the proper portion sizes and gives them the opportunity to eat a well-balanced meal. Each plate is sectioned off to visually show you how much grain, protein, fruit/vegetable and sauce you can have. By doing it this way, kids can relate to sizes visually and once they use the plate for a while, they will begin to associate what is a healthy portion compared to what is excessive without even giving it a second thought. The bowls are marked to show 8 ounces and 12 ounces perfect for soup or cereal. Their cup is clearly marked for 8 ounces making sure they get the full serving of milk or other essential beverage. The adult version comes with an additional piece, a salad/dessert plate that gives you the right portions for side dishes, salads or sauces. Both settings are made with the highest quality porcelain and is both dishwasher and microwave safe and is also lead free.   As you can see below, Gianna has really taken a liking to her kidliga bowl and she loves to drink her milk and hot cocoa in her very own “coffee cup” as she calls it.  With it being porcelain, she feels more like a grown up and loves using her plate, bowl and cup when ever she can.  It also makes me happy as a mom to see her put all the food we have for dinner in the right spots on her plate and when she’s done eating that particular section, she feels satisfied and is done eating.  I like that the most!  Of course, she is always welcome to have more veggies when ever she’d like them! 🙂

kidliga review

What else is nice is the book that is provided with each place setting. The book, “Sammie & Sax in the Land of Quinoa: the search for a balanced meal”, is about a brother and sister duo who are taken on a magical journey to find what a balanced meal looks like. They are welcomed by some very different puzzle pieces and are sent off to put the balanced meal puzzle together. Through the farmers market they go! Learning and gathering important nutritional information they need to put together the perfect balanced meal. When they find what they are looking for, they are whisked away and end up back home where they proudly display their perfectly balanced meal that will leave them satisfied for hours!


The Kidliga 3 piece single place setting is $59.95 {with an introductory cost of $49.95} and comes in blue or pink. You can also purchase the book by itself for $17.95  You can also see the Livliga feature in our Holiday Gift Guide {we were previously named Tots To Teens Magazine}.