Little First Act – Product Review

We love these products! We have many First Act products in my house seeing that I have a 10 year old and 7 year old. We have recorders, harmonicas, and guitars. Next we will be looking into the First Act drum set! When I was made aware that First Act now has products for babies, I could not have been more pleased. My children are musically inclined children and to this day they love signing and making any kind of music and I personally feel music is very important for every child to learn and explore. With that being said, I was able to review the Crawl n’ Go Drum and the Shake n’ Stack Instruments.
Crawl n' Go DrumShake n' Stack Instruments
These products are colorful and are made for babies 6 months and older. When I say older, I mean that it even appeals to a 4 year old. The Crawl n’ Go Drum comes with tiny little instruments such as a tambourine, maraca and castanet! The really cool thing about it is that you can store the instruments in the shape sorter within the drum. As the baby crawls he can push the drum along creating beautiful music all the way across your kitchen floor. There are two modes that you can put the drum in, a drum mode and a song mode. There are bright colorful buttons that he can push to activate the music. This awesome toy focus’s on developmental milestones such as crawling, cause and effect, fine and gross motor skills.

The Shake n’ Stack Instruments are just as cool! The base of the Shake n’ Stack is the tambourine, is easy to hold and shake. The stack makes the noise of a maraca. You use the animals to stack up which is designed to teach baby eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills and stack play. Teach your baby how to shake his booty with this fantastic Little First Act Discovery toy!

Again, these products are made for babies 6 months and older and are available at toy stores near you, or you can go to Little First Act Discovery for more information.