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    Marshmellow Eyeballs

    Not that this has anything to do with anything, but as you all start to get to know me, you will see, I bare it all from family life to work life and this is the best place for me to share. Some of the companies I have worked with for the last two years, well, they just know that I love to chat. Well now I get to chat with the entire world, lucky world!

    Ok, so I was put in charge of the “Preschool Class Halloween Party Planning Committee”, not a job I volunteered for, but one that I accepted graciously. I do not do games well, and to plan things for 11 four year olds, well, it scares me. I decided to delegate and pass that portion off to another mom. High five me there! I on the other hand know a few things about food and crafts. I found this really cool idea and thought I’d pass it along to you all since I know you all have small children and if you haven’t done this, they will think you are just the coolest mom, EVER!! This is actually fun for all ages, even the adult children! ;-)

    It is called, “Marshmellow Eyeballs” and this is what you need.
    Big Marshmellows
    Gummy Lifesavers
    Chocolate Chips
    Red Decorator Gel

    Directions are simple: Take a large marshmellow, stand it up. Put a dab of the red gel in the center. Stick one of your gummy lifesavers on it. Then take a chocolate chip and place the point part down through the center of the lifesaver so the flat side is flush with the lifesaver…get where I am going with this??? Then take some more red gel and make squiggly lines to look like veins! OMG, they will laugh and be all grossed out!!! HOW FUN!!!

    Here is a quick sampling of what it would look like…shh, I whipped this up while the kids were playing so I had to throw it away after creating! I can’t let Gianna see it yet!!!

    Marshmellow Eyeballs - Edible Halloween Treat

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