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    Mothers Day Gift Ideas

    We Love Mom!

    We love finding new products to share with our moms out there. With Mothers Day approaching rather quickly, have you even given any thought to what you will be giving mom this year? We had the opportunity to check out a couple products and wanted to share them with you.


    My most favorite gift for Mothers Day would have to be the refillable perfume spray by ** Travalo. It is the neatest, handiest, little perfume tool. Remember getting all the cute little sample spray bottles of perfume when you were little? This is similar to that but so much nicer! What you do is take your favorite bottle of perfume, remove the plastic top off and insert the spray stick right onto it. You will pump it as you normally would to put on the perfume only it isn’t spraying all over you, it is spraying up into the Travalo spray bottle. The Travalo spray bottle will hold up to 0.13oz of perfume. It is perfect for traveling or to just keep in your purse. It is so reasonably priced too which is even better! Prices range from $9.99 to $19.99. Now you can take your favorite bottle of perfume with you where ever you go! A+++ for this product! For our readers, you get a special discount of 20% off if you use this code: ROCKINMOM upon check out. The discount is only valid to 5/13 so you better act fast!!! {PERFECT GIFT IDEA FOR GRADUATING TEEN GIRLS TOO}

    $20 –
     Mothers Day

    Another one of our cool {no pun intended} Mothers Day must-have is the wicking nightgown and robe by ** Cool-Jams. Now Cool-Jams is super neat. Their nightgowns are ultra soft and they have been developed to regulate the body’s temperature. Gone away are those nasty hot-flashes…did I just say that? As I get older I just cannot have anything really heavy on me when I sleep and the nightgown was amazing to sleep in. When I woke up (from my wonderful nights sleep), I slipped on the matching robe and it really made me feel special. Products come with their own, complimentary, washing bag to preserve the life of the garment. It was truly another one of my favorite products! Nightgown $49, Robe $55 – available at Amazon and Cool-Jams. Cool-Jams was kind enough to provide our readers with a discount code that can be used to 10% off your entire order: MOM123 is valid through May 31 when you visit,

    For moms who exercise, this is a must-have! You don’t have to carry something big and bulky if you need to carry cash, credit cards, drivers license, or keys, while you are out and about exercising. What you need to get is the ** SPIband. The SPIband is a wrist band that has a pocket on the inside that will allow you to carry small items without having to worry about them falling out, or losing them. It can be worn on the wrist or ankle if you’d prefer. The SPIband is made of a breathable, soft-stretch material that when you wear it, you don’t even realize it’s on you. It retails for $9.95 and is perfect for the athletic mamas out there! SPIband can be purchased at will allow you to create a custom cell-phone skin using your own pictures, or one from their library that contains over hundreds of images. You can add text, shapes and images to create the perfect combination which makes this gift truly unique to each person. Moms and grandma’s will love to receive this gift…it’s the best and quickest mobile brag book! Prices start at $19.99 for cell-phone skins. You can also choose from laptop skins to mp3 player skins…to just about anything else!
    Split ends can be a big game changer when it comes to your hair. Wear and tear happens to your hair and to keep it looking its best try using ** Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer ($45 at It will provide your hair with elasticity and bounce while preventing further breakage. My hair was terribly dried out (from various chemical treatments) and once I had a nice, clean, fresh cut, I started using this product and have found that my hair has appeared healthier and has decreased signs of wear and tear. During this process, I realized just how hard we are on our hair, and now after using this product, my hair is healthier and beautiful {if I do say so myself}.
    New mama’s will absolutely love this next product fave. The Cinch ($89 at will help new moms fit into their “prebaby” favorite clothes. When you use The Cinch, it will provide 360 degree compression, back support and will add shape to the hips. It is available in two variations, the Signature Cinch for moms with newborns and the Couture Cinch for moms with toddlers. Now new mama’s can bounce back with a little help!
    I am loving this bag by Graf & Lantz! Daily bags are brightly colored, sturdy with lots of room! I personally love the fushia and orange Daily bag ($185 Graf & Lantz truly has a beautiful collection of handbags, totes, travel bags, and more. Made with Merino Wool Felt and a leather handle, mom will be thrilled with her new bag that is handmade in the Graf & Lantz Los Angeles studio.
    For the mama’s that love to cook…who wouldn’t love this heart-shaped waffle maker? The heart-shaped waffle maker ($29.99 is quick and easy to use. Simply pour the batter into the four heart-shaped impressions and close. After a few minutes, you have the perfect heart-shaped waffle to share with your family. Kids can even help and surprise mom with a breakfast in bed using this affordable gift for her!
    We love these products for moms and hope you do to! What are you giving your mom for mothers day this year? Please share your favorite gift item to give…or receive!

    ** = items reviewed, tested and approved by the Tots To Teens Magazine review team. Please see our disclosure policy here for any questions.


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