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    My New Favorite Mug! Wordologies in Review!

    Wordologies Mug Review


    I’ve always wanted to have one of those big fancy mugs that fit just right in your hands where you want to cup it with both hands as you bring it to your mouth on a cold day and I found it! When I first took the Wordologies mug {$24} out of the box, I knew, instantly, that it was going to become my new favorite mug!  Aside from the fact that it is handcrafted in the USA, lead free, microwave and dishwasher safe, I am absolutely, positively, in love with this mug!  I love all their adorably positive quotes {there are 9 options to choose from}.  It really does make every sip of hot tea and cocoa taste so much better.  It’s like I can feel the love from the cup…it’s so weird, this fascination I have with this particular mug, isn’t it?  I love it so much, I think I’ll be getting one for my mother in law for Mother’s Day –shhh don’t go telling her though!


    Wordologies Notepad review


    I also LOVE their notepads {$8} too! OMG, the chunk!  I love the chunky mug and I love the chunky notepads too!  It doesn’t help that I am a notepad, paper, pen and marker fanatic, but I really do love this notepad!  I love the message at the top because it’s always there to remind me to feel strong…even if I’m not feelin it at that particular moment!  I can’t tell you how much I am loving Wordologies right now…but then again, make this post is enough… in a non-creepy kinda way though! 🙂


    This fine company also has journals {$18} which I am sure are just perfect and if you have children and need more magnets {$4} for your fridge…you can get those too!


    Drop by Wordologies and tell them Verified Mom sent ya!



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