Product in Review: Toshiba’s Satellite L635 Kids PC

I am very excited to share with you that Toshiba’s Satellite L635 Kids PC was selected as the Editors Pick for the Winter issue of Tots To Teens Magazine as seen here. You’re probably thinking, yeah, it looks like a laptop, what makes it so special? We had our child testers test this particular model out and I am here to tell you that its all in the seeing is believing category. Here are some of the specs for you…Toshiba – Satellite Laptop / Intel® Celeron® Processor / 13.3″ Display / 2GB Memory / 250GB Hard Drive.

The Satellite L635 is perfect, I mean, spot on perfect for kids just starting their journey into the world wide web, but it’s not only just for little fingers, it is for big fingers as well, it’s actually an awesome laptop for the whole family. I absolutely loved that the keyboard is wipe-able! Yes, it’s true! There are no little crevasses that food can get into to make your keys stick together. It’s really hard to describe, but the keyboard was like cushions to your fingers. It was soft to the touch, easy to use, yet very sturdy in its navigation. They keyboard itself was one of the big “likes” with the kids.

Of course, a Kids PC wouldn’t be cool if it didn’t come with pre-loaded, kid-friendly video games and movies! Oh yeah, again, you heard me right! It comes with the internet for kids, KidZui, a kids browser that is pre-parented and totally kid safe and fun. Give a little click on the Lego Batman and you can start playing (though, I couldn’t figure out how to move him back and forth…but good thing for me I have a web-savvy 6 year old who taught me), and if that wasn’t enough, it is pre-loaded with two Disney movies.

If you are a dad and wondering how it could benefit you, take it from me, my husband is definitely not a computer guru and he just recently got into a fantasy football league. As you men know, fantasy football means, you sit in front of the tv watching game upon game with laptop in hand checking your team, blah blah blah. My husband was able to pick up this laptop, turn it on and just start clicking. He loved the keyboard and of course how fast it loaded and connected to the internet. The speed was fan-tastic and I think he secretly wanted to keep it (as did we all).  My son also was thrilled with the ease and quickness of this little machine!  I heard a lot of fighting between the two kids as to who’s turn it was….

As a mom, you always worry about what kids are doing on the internet while you are not sitting watching over their shoulders. The Satellite L635 Kids PC comes pre-loaded with Net Nanny! You can set up boundaries for how the laptop is used. Use Net Nanny to block online games, filter chats and social networking sites. It’s the best internet filter and all should use it. If you have several children you can set filters according to age…it’s a great parental tool. Mom loves it!

Now after reading all of this you are probably wondering where you can get one for yourself! Check it out on or you can also find it exclusively at This cool lightweight laptop starts at $581.99 but if you’re fast, you can get it now on sale at Best Buy for $399.99! So, if you are still searching for that perfect kid-friendly laptop, look no more cause we’ve found it for you!

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  1. Sweet! I have to say, the computers they received last year is NOTHING compared to this. I went and checked it out. I think my daughter will love it and I will love not having to clean it up all the time! She is IPOD savvy and now can be much better with the computer designed for lil ones in mind!

    Thanks!! 🙂

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