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    Provide Your Student With A Valuable Tool

    As your child enters the next phase of his or her life, AKA…High School, it is best to get them prepared for things to come…College. It’s hard to think of college when they are just starting their high school career, but if you are not prepared, four years can come and go and leave you in a scramble trying to boost test scores and letter grades! allows your child to add and track all their grades and test scores in one convenient spot. High schools are struggling and even though each school has their own grade tracking system, only 3 out of 7 teachers actually update them in a timely manner, leaving parent and child wondering what grades will be given at the end each semester.It is targeted towards high school students but if your child is 13 or older, you may even be able to begin tracking as early as 8th grade. Teach your child as early as you can so that they are actively working on keeping track of their grades while leaving nothing to guess work. It will teach them responsibility, what it takes to work towards a goal, and how to be an organized student which can only be beneficial as they graduate and move on to their college careers. When the time comes, you can look back on your child’s high school career and have a better idea of where their struggling or where they excel. You can never be too prepared for what the future may bring! Log on to and see for yourself. It is quite easy to use!


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