{Review} Full Circle Coffee Products

As a parent, some may know that coffee is an essential part of your day. When you are making a pot of coffee daily, and drinking a couple cups to get you going, you know that how your coffee tastes is extremely important. With that said, how often do you clean your coffee pot? My guess is, not as often as you should. I have found a product that makes cleaning as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s my secret weapon:

Full Circle Products!

Full Circle has been providing cleaning solutions for commercial specialty coffee market since 1936, so they know what they’re talking about…for sure! All Full Circle products are phosphate free, odorless, and are formulated from naturally occurring, sustainable and renewable ingredients.

We had the wonderful opportunity to test out Full Circle products and I am throwing away our vinegar once and for all! That smell is enough to make you want to leave your home for a month! We tested the Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder and Descaling Powder. I just have three letters that will explain my thoughts after it was done cleaning…O.M.G. We have very hard water here and everything that distributes water ends up with a nasty case of lime scale! If you know anything about lime scale, you know it is extremely difficult to get it completely removed. Now, my husband is the big coffee drinker in the family so I cleaned, “his” coffee pot and I really wish I had before and after pictures for you to actually see the difference…it was amazing! The before image would have been one covered in coffee grime caked onto the inside of the stainless steel pot. Of course, I never look in there, so I was shocked to see how bad it really was!


First I tried the Descaling Powder, mixed it with some warm water, poured it into the coffee machine water reservoir and turned it on. It brewed all that nasty gunk off the inside of the coffee pot in just three brews! It was sparkling on the inside when I was done, like brand new, sparkling! I was actually proud of myself…as if I had just scrubbed the inside of that thing by hand. The Descaling Powder should be used a minimum of every 3 months and guess what? Now that I know about this product, I’ll be sure to be using it…EVERY 3 months!

After the Descaling was done, I used the Coffee Machine cleaning powder and that is an easy way to clean the oil residue and mold that can lead to bitter tasting coffee (which we have recently experienced). Again, it is a simple process that can be done by pouring the packet of powder into 32oz of water, then pour it into your machines water reservoir and brew. When the first initial brew is complete, repeat the brew process using just water. Wha-la! A nice clean coffee pot that makes delicious coffee, for you to enjoy every morning! To keep your coffee tasting like perfection, you should be using the Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder at least once a week.

Full Circle also offers the same easy cleaning solutions for those with espresso machines and coffee grinders! So, if you have a coffee maker, espresso machine or coffee grinder, I highly recommend you give Full Circle a try for yourself! I don’t think they will disappoint. All the Full Circle products are available at William-Sonoma and retail for $9.95.  Now, go and enjoy that hot cup of freshly brewed coffee, and don’t forget…throw away the vinegar!!

We did receive the above products to review and test.  Please see our disclosure policy for any further details.  Our words and opinions are ours and ours alone.