{Review} Simple Science Experiments with Elmo and Friends

From the moment I pulled out the book, Simple Science Experiments with Elmo and Friends, my children were hooked! They could not wait to open the book and get started.

I read through the book first. Making sure I looked at the book and all it’s details, front to back. As a mother to two young boys, I wanted to make sure I understood the details and directions in the book before I tried to explain it to a 3 and 4 year old. What I loved most about the book is that every page can be used as a coloring book, before, after, and during your science projects. Also, that there are little activities for kids to complete throughout the book. I felt that it gave the book multiple uses and not just a typical science book. I was very pleased at the details of the pictures with characters and all the informational tips at the bottom and caution info at the top. It allowed me to explain things in more details and really understand what I was talking about.

So, for the next part I rounded up my two testers and got to work.

We chose the Ice Melting Race.

We read the intro and directions for the experiment. Very simple and easily understood. They were very excited to get started.

We set out all our supplies and got to work. We headed out doors to finish our experiment and we discussed what was going on. We talked about the Science Words on the Street and the observation tips to help them better understand what was going on.

The Ice Melting Race went off without a hitch. We had a winner and the boys were so excited and loved the experiment. They are ready to try another one.

Sesame Street Simple Experiments with Elmo and Friends is published my Dover Publications and written by Gina Gold became available this past April for purchase and is priced around $7.00.


I would absolutely recommend this book for its educational and entertainment purposes. This book has multiple uses, easy to understand, and the experiments are fun and simple to do.

For more information, or to order your copy of Simple Science Experiments with Elmo and Friends, visit Dover Publications.