Say No To Bullies!

Say No To Bullies
Listen to my podcast recorded live on 8-31-2010.

Say No To Bullies

During the entire month of September, The Mommy Mentor radio show will be talking with people that have been exposed to bullying in one way, shape or form.  We will share tips with you on how you can prevent bullying from happening to your child, or a child you know.  We as a community need to step up and take care of those children who need our help.  We will talk to people who have been victims of bullying and have amazing stories of strength and great determination to not let their bullies control their lives, well beyond school.

Our first guest is Stanley Holditch.  Stanley has worked in Internet content management and marketing since 2002 and has been the Internet Marketing Manager for since April 2009.  Stanley is a father and is passionate about responsible online parenting and Internet Safety.  In short, Mr. Holditch believes that while the internet certainly poses new challenges to parents and children, both parties must confront the challenges by mutal education, open communication, and using the right tools.

Our second guest is Annie Fox from  She is the creator of Cruel’s Not Cool! a new anti-bullying campaign to engage students, teachers, administrators and parents in a community-wide exploration of our culture of cruelty, why cruel’s not cool, and what each of us can do, moment-by-moment to take back our schools by making them safer, more accepting places for all students all the time.