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    SHRED Pop – Healthy Snack {Review}

    SHRED Pop PopcornSHRED Pop Popcorn


    Snacking is a huge event in my house.  With three children, and friends who are like my children, there never seems to be enough food in the house to keep them all happy and satisfied.  Our usual go-to snack has been microwave popcorn.  If I’m feeling it, I’ll even bring out the air popper and have fresh popped snacks, but then it lacks flavor, even though it’s better for you.


    When I was asked to give SHRED Pop Popcorn a try I was a bit nervous because we really do love our popcorn and there is nothing worse than some bad popcorn.  I thought to myself that since this was developed by Dr. Ian Smith who happens to be a New York Times best-selling author of the diet books, SHRED and Super SHRED, how bad could it be?  


    I was sent two bags of the SHRED Pop popcorn in their White Cheddar and Kettle flavors.  It just so happened to come on a day that I had two extra children at my house so we quickly opened the bag and gave them both a test.  Coming from picky teen-agers, I took their opinion seriously!


    We all absolutely LOVED the white cheddar popcorn!  With just 100 calories for the bag it was very satisfying.  I’m always worried that some popcorns will taste like cardboard, but definitely not this one.  It’s all-natural, gluten-free, 4g of Fiber and it contains ZERO cholesterol!  It is a snack that I feel happy and confident in giving my children.  Each bag is just the right serving too, not too much, not too little, the perfect amount!  The White Cheddar by far is my favorite.


    Next we gave the Kettle flavor a try.  Again, being just 100 calories, 4g of Fiber, Gluten-Free, this one was good too.  I am not a huge fan of kettle popcorn, but it was still good to me.  The kids liked it, but we all preferred the White Cheddar.  If you like the flavor of Kettle, then you will probably like this popcorn too.  I think it’s just an acquired taste, and one that I do not have.  They also have Sea Salt{which I’m guessing would be really good} and Honey BBQ.  You can get them online and for one case of 24, 1 ounce bags it sells for $26.95 here on Amazon SHRED POP popcorn by Dr. Ian Smith.  


    If you are thinking about heath and calories, this is the perfect treat for you.  Its flavors pack a punch, and really, I ask you, who doesn’t love good popcorn?  I’ll be getting my hands on some more White Cheddar soon! 


    Have you tried SHRED Pop popcorn?  If so, what’s your favorite flavor?



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