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    Story Time Felts

    How fun!  Of course when I receive products to review, all three of my children come running when they hear the mailman or UPS/FedEx man coming to the door.  They are anxious to see what they get to play with.  This time it was a wonderful little package that contained a felt play set.  This would be Story Time Felts, “Say Good Night” play set.  In the set, you get a brochure that shares two story ideas on how you and your child can play and read together.  It is a wonderful interactive game to play making reading so much more fun.  It will help your child to use his/her imagination to expand on their individual creativity.  My little girl played with the set without me reading the story to her and she was talking and moving the felt Grandma and little boy around the mat.  You can also roll the mat up and wrap a rubber band around it and take it with you on the road or on the plane.  It is compact enough that you can easily stick it in a diaper bag or purse.

     Say Good Night

    You can find more fun felt play sets by visiting Awnya at  Felt toys start at $10.99 for the uncut version and $12.99 for the cut version.   They have such a wide variety of felt products.  You are sure to find something for your child!  In addition to gifts for your own children, they would make an excellent gift for any child.  

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