Summers over but the Games continue – Giveaway

Summer is just about over and fall is right around the corner but no matter what season, one thing will remain constant and that is kids (and adults) love for video games. We have an amazing gamers giveaway and all you have to do is share with us (in detail) what your favorite summer Wii game has been to play, either alone or with your family and how playing video games has brought your family together. We want creative answers, stories, details, not just one word answers. We want to see some thought put into your replies and from there a random winner will be selected to win the following gifts:

The above shows, the Wii NERF Racing Wheel, the Wii NERF Sports Pack, Transformers Stylus and Armor (will receive one style not known), and the Wii Energizer Induction Charger. The prize package retails for approximately $100.00

Giveaway will run from September 15, 2009 to 11:59pm September 30, 2009. Winner will be announced on October 1, 2009 and products will be shipped directly from the manufacturer shortly there after.


29 thoughts on “Summers over but the Games continue – Giveaway

  1. My favorite game that we have played this summer was Wii Sports Resort. My youngest son and I love that game. My youngest son has showed me how to play the games after spending hours the first day playing it. We all have our favorites. It’s a nice way to spend some family time together too! The Wii is so much better then the Xbox or Play Station. You actually get to move around and have more fun.

    Another game we have come to love this summer is Cooking Moma. My son and I spend lots of time taking turns to see who is the fastest. I really need to get another remote so him and I can compete against each other.

    Like I said before this is great family time as you all have fun playing the games and laughing at how bad you do. Even if it means sometimes letting the younger one when. It melts my heart to hear the Good Job Mommy!

  2. Our family loves to play Mario Kart and Wii Play Fishing. These are both great games to play with the kids and we get such enjoyment either playing by the rules or just being silly with it. As a mom, I’m all for anything that engages the kids and gets them on their feet!

  3. My family got WII tennis from my father as a gift, and I must tell you, if I am as uncoordinated on an actual tennis court as I am in my basement, it would be a sorry sight to see!!! It is truly a fun total family activity, and we have charts taped to the wall, graphing our collective data, like how many pounds I lost, my daughter’s hours playing, etc.

    I really don’t mind when I’m laughed at, because I am laughing the hardest! Sports, especially WII Tennis, are not my thing.

  4. The Rock Band for the Wii is the greatest video game ever. My children are grown but they will visit so that we can play Rock Band together. The smallest of my grandchildren get in on the action as well. They have toy guitars and drums that they play, thinking that they are playing the game. We kave a Rock Band Night at least once a month. More often when possible. It has definitely been fun.

  5. After playing Wii Sports for at least an hour, a suggestion prompt inevitably interrupt our game. “Why not take a break?” the alert read, while showing an open window — almost willing you to go outside.
    I would normally bite. But this summer, there were so many choice games for Wii (with outdoor motifs even), that we stayed inside alot! lol We Jacked up the air conditioning and “got active” with the best Wii games that we played during the 2009 summer months!

    Our favorites were Wii Sports Resort and Tales of Monkey Island!


  6. Our Wii saved my sanity and helped me keep a trim pregnant figure. I’m a recent transplant to New England and it rained and rained and rained all of June which meant being stuck indoors with toddler. No fun! On top of the bad weather, my ever-expanding waistline due to pregnancy became more and more uncomfortable as the summer went on. My husband and I spent the rainy weekends competing against each other (we’re fans of Wii Fit) and I was able to get a workout during the week while our son was napping. Our Wii gave us something fun and healthy to do at no extra cost, plus our son loved cheering on Mommy and Daddy. We also set up our Wii so that we could challenge family back in Texas which made our move thousands of miles away feel more like we were just around the corner.

  7. Our favorite game is Wii bowling. Our kids are young so we mostly practice simple moves but they like watching characters on screen. As they get older we’ll probably advance to more complex games.

  8. My kids love Animal Crossing on the Wii. I find it not so interesting for the nonplayer to watch anyone else play because there is no end point to a turn. Nice how the game lets one player leave gifts and messages for other players to find when they play next.
    We love tennis where all 4 can play and bowling turned out to be a huge hit. Those basic sports games are the ones that really bring the family together for fun.

  9. we just got our wii recently so we have boxing that is fun and the kids love the mario sonic winter with the downhill and bobsleighing-that is the most popular

  10. The kids love to play games. They love it when they win. They think they have done something big. They love playing the Wii They think it is the best game system out there. Well the big kids that its great too. We all have a great time with it. Thanks.

  11. I have older children (actually adult children) who are in college, so getting together over video games is an easy way to spend time together, laugh and have a little parent/child competition.

    Our faves? Probably Guitar Hero, because we are an artistic family and all consider ourselves OK musicians. BUT that video game KICKS OUR BUTTS (humbling to say the least).

  12. I love to play tanks with my son. He does not mind if I shoot more enemy tanks than he does because we are playing as a team.

  13. We love the Wii Carnival game! I love that it’s silliness, but we’re still moving around. I never really was fond of video games myself for families (I always thought it was anti-social, really) until we got a Wii. Now I see the video game light! 😉 (Plus in lousy Washington weather with the rainy season all fall and winter, at least we’re all getting some exercise!)

  14. Our night that is family night is Saturday when the kids and there families come home, having the Wii, is a standard here play time for all of us young and old. Mom bowls (91) and kids bowl too, than the men box…it has us all moving and laughing. While enjoying each others company and pizza!

  15. One of our favorite games to play as a family is bowling with the Wii sports.

    There are a number of reasons we like it. The first reason is because it has a low learning curve, and so because of that it is good for all ages to play.

    Two it is a great way to not just have fun playing a video game but also get some exercise. This is especially great on rainy summer days when you can’t get outside to let the energy run free!

    The third reason we like it so much is because we can play it not just with our immediate family but with our extended family as well. One of the most fun times we had this year was when my parents came to visit us. We set the system up, and the grandparents played right along with us. What fun it is to have three generations of family playing an old game with new technology.

  16. Our fave (so far) is tennis. We really get into it. My son plays in school, but not until almost the end of school, so this is a way to keep him sharp, and he sure hates losing to his old mom! 🙂 It’s a great way for us to share a few laughs together.

  17. By far, our family has love the Wii Bowling…and guess who is beating us’s the 83 year patriarch of our family,,PopPop is his name. Go figure!

  18. If we could have and play a Wii our favorite game would be “bowling” because we have two autistic boys and it would be easy for them to do and understand. I understand Wii is great for coordination skills ,so it would be great to win one.

  19. TENNIS Tennis teNNIS!!!!! oH SORRY TENNIS ELBOW…HAHAHAHAHA LOVE WII AND WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS GIVEAWAY. There are so many active games and the whole family has lots of fun. I recommend this so all get out of the normal games and just enjoy yourself and have laughs doing it. My tennis playing is better with Wii because at the park I tend to get most of the balls outside where people are riding their bikes and my friends/family love that they are not chasing the balls or trying to find them in the trees or bushes. Dogs love me though. 😉 Enjoy playing spring summer fall and now soon winter. Thanks.

  20. OMG… should see our family when we get together and play the Wii!!! It is hilarious….basically we have to move EVERY possible object out of the way or that could be in anyone’s direct line of contact, as to not hurt oneself OR break something. Tim is the best when he plays Tennis, mind you, he became pro+++ after only a couple of days…yes, he lived in the basement 24/7 I think…anyway….he is extremely competetive, so his remarks and actions are absolutely hilarious! SO much that you would think he was playing for a World title. Everyone wants to beat dad, but it seems to be impossible. The best part all around though, is easily the fact that it brings our entire family together for a great, super fun time!! Laughing so hard you cry, nearly wetting your pants kind of good time! LOL This is the greatest way in making memories!! We would absolutely LOVE the accessory kit since we only have 2 games and 2 remotes. :O)

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