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    Taking a Peek at PEEPS MINI’s!


    PEEPS®, yes, you know, the marshmallow goodies you typically see only during Easter time?  Well, now they can be found all year round!  You heard that right, all year round!   PEEPS® MINIS™ are now available in delicious flavors of Strawberry Crème, Chocolate Crème and Sour Watermelon, in 24-count re-closeable standup bags that retail for approximately $3.99. These mini marshmallow chicks are about 40 percent the size of the traditional chicks and are each 14 calories, as well as gluten-free and fat-free.

    Now I admit, I was a bit grossed out by the thought of the “Sour Watermelon” flavor, but since I had the opportunity to give these lil guys a taste test, I thought why not?  The kids closed their eyes and I popped one in their mouths and had them guess what flavor it was without them even knowing what it was.  All they knew is that it was PEEPS® from there on out, they were clueless.  They guessed the chocolate one right away and one said the strawberry was cherry, but out of those two both kids enjoyed the strawberry the best.  Then it was time…time to taste test the Sour Watermelon.  My youngest said it was sour as soon at it hit her tongue and then she got it.  She really liked it but preferred the Strawberry flavor the best.  My son on the other hand really, really enjoyed the Sour Watermelon and pretty much finished the bag for us.  I did get to taste all of them and quite honestly, I thought each one was good in their own marshmallowy way!  I loved the chocolate and could use it as a monthly treat {if ya know what I mean} because it does have that chocolate taste that sometimes you just need and it isn’t packed with 300 calories, making it easily, the smarter choice.  The Strawberry flavor was just a nice refreshing taste.  It wasn’t over powering at all and gave you just the right amount of sweetness.  And to be frank, I was a bit scared of the Sour Watermelon but it actually did surprise me.  I do like sour treats though so that could help…if you are a not a sour type of food liker, than I’d say that wouldn’t be for you.  It wasn’t a make your lips pucker and your eyes squint type of sour, but you could taste it and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Overall, I’d buy all three bags… I would and I shall! 🙂

    Let me know if you try them!  What do you think you’re favorite flavor will be?




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