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    Teen Tresses: Tips from the Hair Doctors at Philip Kingsley

    As children start entering their teen years, their bodies go through a variety of changes, thanks to hormones and added stresses that come into play. These hormones can cause changes in hair texture. Philip Kingsley Trichologist, Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips offers advice to teens about hair care during these challenging years. By following Elizabeth’s “Teen Hair 101”, adolescents can achieve healthy and beautiful hair.

    Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips Teen Hair 101

    Puberty Scalp Changes
    At puberty, the sebaceous glands enlarge, resulting in an increased production of sebum, the oily substance that lubricates every hair as it emerges from the scalp
    An excess of this can lead to greasy hair, which sometimes can have an unpleasant odor. The solution is frequent washing, which encourages the scalp to lessen the amount of grease produced.

    Certain yeasts can cause dandruff; medicated shampoo should be used to reduce the population of these yeasts on the scalp. Stress can also increase dandruff; daily washing is the best to optimize the health of the hair and scalp.

    Diet has an important influence on the hair, so teenagers should eat a balanced diet, with an emphasis on freshly prepared foods. A good intake of protein is important for the body to be able to produce strong hair. Hairs are made of a type of protein called Keratin. It is particularly important once girls start menstruating that they have a good intake of iron rich foods, as maintaining adequate iron is vital for optimum hair growth.

    Hair Processing
    Hair straightening and curling irons have become extremely popular with young girls, but they can be quite damaging to the hair. Protective serums may protect the hair, but it is best not to use the hair straightener or curling iron every day.

    Hair Coloring
    It is always best to have hair colored professionally in a salon, rather than attempting to color the hair at home. After care is important to counteract the dying effect that all color products ha on the hair. Regular use of an intensive hair conditioning treatment will help to maintain the moisture and hydrate the dry hair.

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