Top 5 Girly Movies of All Time

Top 5 Girly Movies of All Time!




I love watching movies by myself, with friends, with the kids, with family, I just love it.  I don’t usually get to do it that often, but I know I get my love for movies from my mom.  We asked her why she goes to so many movies and she replied saying it just allows her to escape from her life for a short time.  It’s true.  Seeing movies either at a theater or at home, allows you to escape your life, forget about problems you have and it gives you the opportunity to focus on something other than real life.  IMO, watching movies is good for your health & wellness! 


I began thinking, what are my top 5 movies of all time?  It didn’t take me long to come up with them, in fact, I could probably list my top 20, but for time sake, I’ll keep it to a minimum! 🙂  I am particularly fond of romantic comedies so that is what I am sharing with you! 🙂


1. Overboard -ultimate favorite go to movie for lots laughs!

2. Devil Wears Prada – oh how I love powerful women!

3. How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days – hello Matthew McConaughey & Kate Hudson too cute!

4. Sweet Home Alabama – a nice, feel good movie that proves love is blind!

5. The Wedding Planner – who wouldn’t want to be swept off their feet unexpectedly?


What are your top 5 favorite girly flicks?




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