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    Toy Story 3 – A tear jerker? Who knew?

    Disney * Pixar did it again. They made more than a smash at the box office with their third Toy Story film, I’d say they made a hurricane! We celebrated our daughters 12th birthday by taking her to see the movie because the original Toy Story was her first ‘official’ movie at a theater when she was just 1.5 years old! I remember that day like it was yesterday! We brought all our snacks (shh sorry cinema concession stand, ya just didn’t have anything a 1.5 year old could eat) like grapes, fruit snacks, cheerio’s and a handful of other kid friendly snacks. Much to my surprise, she sat in her seat with her blanket and did not move! Her little eyes were peeled on that big screen until the very end. It was love at first sight. Buzz Lightyear had taken over our house. She carried this little figure with her where ever she went after that. I even had to buy a back up Buzz just in case which I still have in her keepsake box in it’s original packaging! Luckily for her, we never needed to open the spare. Well, here we are years later, celebrating her 12th birthday and yes, Buzz is still a favorite here.

    We walk into a packed theater…and I mean packed to get ready for our adventure! There were 8 of us in our party and we had to split up which didn’t make me very happy, but what was I to do? We were in the third row of seating (ugh my neck!) 5 of us lined up ready to watch what happens to Andy and the gang! I don’t want to give away too much, but there is a scene, a close call if you will that brought tears to even my eyes, not to mention the ‘good-bye’ scene. I didn’t want to admit it but it’s true, a cartoon movie made this 40 something cry like a baby! I peeked over to my three children and they were watching in suspense to see what happens to the gang. Yes, there was a nasty bad guy…but isn’t there always? Did they leave room to create another movie, absolutely! I already have visions on what can be done, the bad guy is still out there…in search for his long lost ‘people’ while Bonnie introduces the gang to a whole new ‘girl’ world! Oh the anticipation on whether or not there will be another…could possibly kill me!

    All in all, Disney did what Disney does best and that is to make a class A film for people of all ages! I was pleasantly surprised at how many teenagers were sitting in the seats all around us. I was pleased to see that I too wasn’t the only older person crying! We did not see it in 3D and I don’t think it would have really mattered all that much. All I know is that my family had a great time seeing Buzz, Woody and a majority of the gang again! Kids reaction, “We want to get it when it comes out on DVD!”, that usually means 3 thumbs up!

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