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Travel is made fun with TrendyKid luggage!


Whether you are heading out for a long extended vacation this summer or just sending the kids to grandma’s house, you will want to take a look at the TrendyKid Travel Buddies lightweight luggage sets for kids or the Travel Kool pieces for tweens.  I had the pleasure of testing the TrendyKid Travel Kool Chat luggage and it has been a great experience.  We usually take a few trips a year, some more local than others but this type of luggage is a must-have when traveling with tweens.  It isn’t a “baby” style by any means, but one that is, as the name states, “trendy” and totally acceptable for slightly older kiddos to use.


When I first unpackaged the box, I have to admit, I was a bit excited about the quality of this piece.  It has a 17″ hard-shell case made from ABS with a polyester lining.  It has a retractable pull handle that is very easy to release along with a carry handle that is very comfortable to use.  It also has a dividing pocket and a garment strap so nothing will fall out of place.   The zippers are usually what concern me but these are pretty sturdy so I don’t anticipate any issue with them being opened and closed a bazillion times.  What’s even better is that it is within the carry-on size regulations so no baggage check in is necessary.


But that is all fine and dandy, but what does the tween in the house think?  Well, mine thinks it is pretty KOOL.  She was able to pack all her necessities like her iPad, charger, PS3, controllers, a few games and yes, she even made room for “some” clothes.  She liked it because it kept everything separate.  She is at the age now where everything has a place, even things in a piece of luggage has it’s place.



I was amazed with how much stuff she put in there and there was room in there to spare!  With her packing all her electronics, it is nice to have that hard-shell casing for added protection.  All of this for spending the night at grandmas!  Imagine what she will bring when we go on vacation this summer!  Her suitcase should be very interesting!


One thing I know for sure!  It will be the best organized & KOOLest piece of luggage we have with us!


We have loved having the opportunity to test this out and share our thoughts with you.  If you are looking for a great investment for traveling with kids and you, or them, would like their own luggage, then I would really suggest TrendyKid for all your kid luggage needs.  The TrendyKid Kool line is $69.99 while the TrendyKid Buddies range from $24.99-$89.99.

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